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CORP Computers provides customized onsite IT support and technical support services to Homes and Small Businesses across New Jersey and New York State. Our team of highly trained and skilled IT professionals will help you with all your business IT and computer network support needs for your business.


We offer repair services on all Laptops & Desktops running Windows or Mac along with any hardware aor software. We also provide computer maintenance, upgrades and virus protection for home and businesses.

What We Offer

Virus Removal

You can trust us to remove or save your computer from all possible threats of a virus. We will take steps necessary to make your computer clean again without damage to your valuable data and important files

Network Solutions

If you are facing issues with your network, you can hire us to ensure that optimal function can be attained again.

Managed IT Solutions

We offer Custom IT Maintenance plans for both Home users and Bussiness.

Desktop Repair

We can handle hardware upgrades , operating system optimization as well as entire PC migrations.

Laptop Repair

If your LCD or LED needs to be replaced, we can handle the matter for you and ensure its optimal quality. Cosmetic Damage Repair, motherboard replacement and power plug repair are all handled by us.

Backup Recovery

If you have lost precious data that needs to be restored, all you have to do is give us a call and the matter will be resolved and data restored.

Why Choose us

Corp Computers helps you get the most out of your technology investments providing the Certified And Qualified Technicians. We specialize in computer, network, and web design services for your home or business. We offer Competitive Prices to each and every customer by providing Free Diagnostics always to analyze and discuss your computer issues or web design needs. By taking the time to understand the unique challenges being faced by our clients, we develop solutions that are truly customized, even if that means we have to work a little harder!


Personal Computers are at the core of Corp Computers business mission. We are committed to helping our customers get the kinds of value, convenience and enjoyment they are looking for from their computer systems, while avoiding as much of the pain as possible .If you are experiencing computer problems and are in need of a computer technician to assist you with troubleshooting computer problem please contact us.


  • Free Diagnostics always (Fixed or Not)
  • Certified and Qualified Technicians
  • Competitive Prices
  • Free Computer Pickup Service
  • 30 Days Warranty
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed
  • NO SURPRISES. No Work is performed until approved by you.